CoCo Vandeweghe Takes Advantage of The Greenbrier’s Extracurricular Activities

Posted on July 14, 2020

Just a few short miles away from Creekside Stadium is one of the more ambitious activities The Greenbrier has to offer: clay pigeon shooting. San Diego Aviators’ CoCo Vandeweghe headed to the scenic clearing in the woods to test her skills at hitting fast-flying orange discs.

The 28-year-old is an accomplished professional athlete, but this particular sport was far outside of her comfort zone. Coaching was crucial and once her footwork and technique were mastered, a lot of the process was managing her nerves, heart rate and mind. Her success rate was respectable: she’d make contact on 15 out of 25 shots.

Nina Pantic is a tennis writer, editor, podcast host and content producer. She played collegiate tennis at UCLA. You can follow her on Twitter at @NinaPantic1